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Video medžiaga - Konferencijos verslininkams 8.0

Fr 22/09/2017 11:00 - Sa 23/09/2017 23:59
ONLINE (nuotoliniai seminarai internetu)
22, 23 September, 2017 in Vilnius
Practical Conference 8.0
"Opening and leading a company in the BALTIC countries"

First day, 22 september. Theory

Full immersion into information.
2 halls for presentations
Laws, their interpretation, operating regulations, living cases and only necessary theories in order to clearly understand their choice / refusal. Current as of the date of the event information about starting a business in the countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
Speakers are active businessmen.

Second day. 23 September. Practice.

or access to live video

FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS (full-time and part-time) presentation of speakers and access to all video materials of the conference (the link comes 2-3 weeks after the event).

Page of the event:

Link to DIRECT video broadcast 2 days before the beginning of the conference
As well as video recordings and presentations of all the reports after the conference conference
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Video medžiaga - Konferencijos verslininkams 8.0 Fr 22/09/2017 11:00 ONLINE (nuotoliniai seminarai internetu) 33.00
Good to know

Doors open: at 10:30 PM
Event length: ~8h
Breaks: 2 breaks
Event language: russian
No free entrance to the event
Age limit to the event: from 18 years
No discounts:

Organizer assume responsibility for the event and its quality. Tickets are only returned if event is canceled or changing its time. Distributor acts as a disclosed agent.

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