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Berniukų ir jaunuolių choras ''Ąžuoliukas''

We 22/03/2017 19:00
Vaidilos teatras, Vilnius
Past event
Ąžuoliukas Boys’ Choir

If you are in Lithuania and, for whatever reason, trying to find out what does the word ąžuoliukas stand for, and if the one in front of you starts talking about merits of planting young oak trees (that’s by the way exactly what the word means) or suggests trying acorn coffee, you can be almost sure he or she has never attended a concert of choral music here.
Since for any Lithuanian who is at least superficially interested in the so called serious music Ąžuoliukas is the boys’ choir from Vilnius which has made cultural inroads into Europe long before Lithuania regained its independence. In the local musical scene, Ąžuoliukas has for the past several decades been one of the most powerful brand names. Being the choir’s member is a prestigious endeavour which involves, apart from the rest, a specific code of behaviour and ethics.
Established in 1959 by choral conductor Hermanas Perelšteinas (1923–1998), one of the great representatives of the local Jewish community who survived Nazi and Soviet terror, Ąžuoliukas soon became a class on its own in Lithuania. The choir has performed with dozens of orchestras and conductors and has taken part in musical programs of almost any genre, from Baroque to jazz. The group has toured almost all European countries as well as Japan and the United States.
Although Ąžuoliukas has never focused on choral competitions, be they national or international, it took the Grand Prix in Nantes, France, in 1987 while its male group has won prizes at top-level choral contests in Marktoberdorf, Gorizia and Tolosa.
The choir has released 35 vinyls and 20 CDs and has recorded plenty of music for radio and television in Lithuania, Slovenia, Germany, Russia, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece and Japan.
A remarkably versatile choir, Ąžuoliukas has performed choral music representing a wide variety of genres, from Renaissance motets and Baroque cantatas to folk arrangements and modern choral miniatures.

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Berniukų ir jaunuolių choras ''Ąžuoliukas'' We 22/03/2017 19:00 Vaidilos teatras, Vilnius
Past event
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