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Tumeromantika õhtu Muuga mõisas / TÕNU TEPANDI (est) & NEST (fin)

Сб 19.08. 2017 18:00
MUUGA MÕIS, Lääne-Virumaa, Laekvere vald
Lets celebrate together Estonia 100 and Finland 100 with emotional concert in a magical place!


A timeless time-singer and bard of the 1960s whose songs have inspired and enchanted several generations. It was Tepandi who set to music poems by the Estonian exile author Karl Ristikivi, 'importing' his lyrics into the then Soviet Estonia, as well as poetry by such Estonian poets as Paul-Eerik Rummo, Jaan Kaplinksi and Hando Runnel.

Despite his long creative activity, the old master has released only two albums – Tõnu Tepandi laulud (Songs by Tõnu Tepandi) in 1982 as a vinyl that has turned almost transparent from listening in many homes and the CD Kõlakoda (Band Shell) in 2003 with newer songs.

At the Dark Romantic Evening at Muuga manor the old master Tõnu Tepandi will take out his 12-string old friend again and play an one hour concert of all his best known songs. Melancholic songs and powerful singing give every reason to call Tõnu Tepandi the grand old man of Estonian dark folk.

Tõnu Tepandi - Kiri Kodukandist  https://youtu.be/eZL1jRBq9cY

Tõnu Tepandi - Arkaadia teel  https://youtu.be/gINj1n7q3ig

Tõnu Tepandi - Sisaliku tee  https://youtu.be/tGC5cjVPynk

Tõnu Tepandi - Ei, meie ei tule kunagi  https://youtu.be/-w2vmVRN9ZI

Tõnu Tepandi - Süda On Mul Vaevas  https://youtu.be/i073A-W4Wi0

NEST (Finland)

A hidden pool amidst the woods where the otters come to play, an owl's faint call echoing through the woods, sparkling waterfalls and vast snowcovered landscapes where the reindeer folk and wolves hold their domain. These are only some of the things with the atmosphere Nest strives to capture.

As you can see, nature, fantasy and more precisely fables are the fluid that courses through Nest's veins. Old folk and animal tales as well as the works of brothers Grimm and Tolkien, to name few, have been the roots of great inspiration. But even though Nest serves as a vessel to express these things important to us, an equally important reason for Nest's existence is to bring enjoyment to all who should find it in athmospheres brought forth by acoustic, ambient and even somewhat folky music.

The core of Nest's music is the kantele, a traditional Finnish string instrument that originates from over 2000 years ago. It belongs to the class of horizontal harps and usually has five to twelve strings, sometimes even thirty or more. A fifteen stringed version is used in Nest, since it still has that quite rough ancient sound which the ones designed for classical music (with 30 or more strings) lack.

Nest at the Shelter - First awakening (Live performance 6th of June)


Nest at the Shelter - Second arrival (Live performance 8th of June)



The spectacular two-storey neo-renaissance main building of the manor was designed by Carl Timoleon von Neff in 1866–1872. A number of paintings in Russian tsar palaces, churches of St Petersburg, Moscow and London as well as pastoral scenes depicting Estonian peasants were painted by this well-known artist. Paintings in several rooms of Muuga Manor were also painted by the artist himself and several by his son Heinrich von Neff. The grand light grey staircase of Carrara marble, a present from Tsar Aleksander II, still leads guests to the hall with a gorgeous white fireplace and doors crowned by paintings done by the artist himself. The von Neffs owned the heart of the manor until 1940. The enormous art collection of the Neffs was taken to the Estonian Art Museum after World War II. Since 1944 Muuga School has worked in the manor house. Muuga Manor is also known as the childhood home of the Estonian writer Eduard Vilde.

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Tumeromantika õhtu Muuga mõisas / TÕNU TEPANDI (est) & NEST (fin) Сб 19.08. 2017 18:00 MUUGA MÕIS, Lääne-Virumaa, Laekvere vald 13.20
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Durys atidaromos: ~18:00
Renginio trukmė: ~3:00
Pertraukos: 1
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Amžiaus cenzas: N-18
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Место проведения
Laekvere vald Эстония
Tumemaine Tuli MTÜ
Veski 7 Rakvere 44310 Lääne-Virumaa
Рег. № 80310329