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Festivalis Jauna Muzika

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Festival of electronic and electro-acoustic music

Jauna Muzika 2022

Jauna Muzika is a yearly festival for artists working with sound and music as a form of experimental art. One of Lithuania’s oldest festivals, it was launched in 1992 and initially focused on contemporary classical and academic electro-acoustic music. Since 2019, however, it has shifted the attention of its audiences toward sound experiments.

The central theme of this year’s event is Action(s) and their historical, philosophical and scientific interpretations. With the brutal war and genocide raging in the heart of Europe, the moment encourages thinking of actions and counteractions as well as the paths and trajectories being set. Within the festival, the concept is conveyed through sound experience, since sound production is directly related to action, reaction and proactivity. Each piece of music in the programme is a set of actions that correspond to today’s realities. They explore it, react to it or turn into pauses between sound-steps.

Each day of the festival has its own theme and reveals it through various musical experiences. 

Events website: https://festival.jauna.org/

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