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Lietuvos balsas. Kartos. Aklosios perklausos

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Get ready for the triumphant return of the second season of "The Voice of Lithuania. Generations"! The inaugural phase of the beloved "blind auditions" promises an exhilarating comeback this season, and you're invited to witness it live at the newly revamped studio in Vilnius' ASG Arena. Join us on October 7-8 and be front and center as budding stars are born right before your eyes. From dynamic duets and harmonious trios to powerful quartets, captivating groups, and spellbinding ensembles, the stage of "The Voice of Lithuania. Generations" is set for a thrilling showdown. Their one shared objective: to turn the chairs of music legends with their extraordinary voices and secure a coveted spot on their teams. Experience the awe-inspiring journey of unique talents taking their very first steps on the grand stage, and feel the pulse of being at the heart of an international format project's epic filming.But that's not all! Brace yourself for a season filled with surprises. Esteemed coaches who've captured the hearts of both participants and viewers, Benas Aleksandravičius and Vaidas Baumila, will once again grace their iconic chairs. Joining them are two fresh, captivating additions to the Voice family: the talented singer and acclaimed songwriter -  Gabrielė Vilkickytė, and the globally renowned opera star -  Nomeda Kazlaus. This season promises an electrifying blend of talent, emotion, and unforgettable moments. Don't miss your chance to be part of the magic of "The Voice of Lithuania. Generations.



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