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Muzikinės kryžkelės | G. Gedvilaitė, Čiurlionio styginių kvartetas

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Guoda Gedvilaitė (piano)
Čiurlionis Quartet: Jonas Tankevičius (1st violin),
Darius Dikšaitis (2nd violin), Gediminas Dačinskas (viola), Elena Daunytė (cello)

Programme: Ludwig van Beethoven, Clara Schumann, Loreta Narvilaitė (world premiere), Alexander Scriabin, Felix Blumenfeld, Nikolai Medtner

Guoda Gevilaitė, one of the most distinctive Lithuanian pianists of her generation, has pursued an active career as a concert pianist for thirty years now. To mark her career anniversary, the pianist has devised an autobiographic programme, which “features Beethoven’s Bagatelles from the time of my studies in Vilnius, as well as his Farewell Sonata, with which I’d like to reminisce the years when I bade farewell to my home and went to study in Frankfurt. This sonata conveys both the sorrow of separation and the joy of reunion. Composer Loreta Narvilaitė wrote The Sound Speaks into Silence especially for me. It is written in the key of G, which is an initial letter of my first and family names, and opens with the melody of Lithuanian folk song “On the other side of the River Nemunas.” The composer says she saw me as if I was living ‘on the other side,’ even though I was brought up by the river Nemunas.”
Among other works included in this anniversary programme are piano pieces by Clara Schumann. In the recent years, Gedvilaitė has dedicated much effort to the popularization of music by this talented and pioneering 19th century composer at public musicales titled “The Salons of Clara Schumann.” 
The concert will culminate in the performance of Piano Quintet in C major by Nikolai Medtner, a rarely performed Russian composer of the first half of the 20th century who is considered a loner in music. Gedvilaitė will perform this work together with the Čiurlionis Quartet.

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