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(Perkeliamas) Velvet x Garbanotas x jautì @Rezoliucija

Sa 24/10/2020 19:00
Gargaras, Kaunas

Hey you!!! Yeah, you!

Rather than counting days until holidays, start counting your savings, even the smallest pennies lying around in your pockets. What for? A ticket to a new young music festival - REZOLIUCIJA. We promise you live, alternative music, unforgettable vibes and priceless emotions. You can’t be too young or too old for this kind of evening. So don’t be a fool, just become an orange and on the 24th of October fly away to the space with us, where we will reach the moon.


Vibing together with us:


Velvet - this band, that started its activity in Alytus, describes its style as psychedelic, pop alternative rock. Alytus’ band’s popularity sky rocketed after they produced the song “Medžiai melagiai”, that has had almost 2 million views on Youtube. This song has been admired by the music fans not only at different concerts and festivals but the band also had a chance to perform on the musical show “Dainuok su manimi”. They also received excellent evaluations in various competitions such as Garažas’19 and AARVGDK’19. This talented band is always in the production of new music and is planning on releasing their new album EP, which you may hear at the festival “Rezoliucija”!


Garbanotas is a neo-psychedelic rock and indie band. They started playing in 2008. The music of Garbanotas makes people happy wherever it goes. Their first EP album, "Venera," was released in 2012. Later, in 2015 their new album called "Above Us" came out and was played in many different countries. In 2018 band released an album in Lithuanian "Paskutinė saulė". The band has participated in various festivals such as The Great Escape (UK), Liverpool sound city (UK), Reeperbahn (DE), Tallin Music Week (EE).


jautì - math rock band. In 2017 they published their first album “GAP YEAR”, which made its appearance in different music festivals. In 2019 they released their first lithuanian math rock album “TOO FAT TO RUN” and organised the tour in 7 different cities in Lithuania. This spring was released their new album fully written in lithuanian called “Mulkis” and they organised the tour again, now in ten cities of Lithuania. Also this year “jautì” was nominated for “M.A.M.A” and “TĖTĖ” musica awards for the title of “Rock band of the year”.




A protective mask must be worn at the event and all safety regulations must be obeyed.


Anyone with fever, acute respiratory or infectious disease symptoms and who have not completed mandatory isolation are not allowed at the event. We do not recommend to be a participant of this event if you are at risk and / or suffering from chronic diseases specified in the list of serious chronic diseases for which a person is issued a certificate of incapacity for work during an emergency or quarantine period, approved by the Minister of Health of the Republic of Lithuania in 2020. March 23 Order no. V-483 “on the approval of the list of serious chronic diseases for which a person is issued with a certificate of incapacity for work during an emergency or quarantine period. Please observe the social distance of 1 m between the visitors inside."


The organizers reserve the right not to admit unwanted and intoxicated persons.


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(Perkeliamas) Velvet x Garbanotas x jautì @Rezoliucija Sa 24/10/2020 19:00 Gargaras, Kaunas
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Velvet x Garbanotas x jautì @Rezoliucija 2020 m. spalio 24  d. Kaune.
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Domantas Rapolas
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