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We 07/06/2023 20:00
COMPENSA koncertų salė, Vilnius
61.50 - 96.50

The French singer ZAZ is perhaps one of the most mysterious and brightest stars on the French stage.

The future star studied at the conservatory, played the violin, guitar, piano, sang in the choir, started in folk, soul, jazz and blues groups.

The first success came with the song "Je veux".  She became the song of the year in many countries of the world and brought great fame to the young singer.  The hoarse, sensual voice fascinated.

On the creative path of ZAZ, and he passed through Japan, Egypt, Canada, Brazil, Morocco - there were many victories at various competitions and festivals, platinum, diamond discs ... The world discovered a new singer, bright, daring, ready for any creative experiments.

Perhaps there is no musical genre in which ZAZ would not try herself.  Not without reason, among her favorite authors and performers, she names the composer Antonio Vivaldi, singers - Ella Fitzgerald, Edith Piaf and performers of Spanish, gypsy, Arabic melodies.

She sang in huge halls on the other side of the Atlantic, in the legendary Parisian cafes through which famous chansonniers passed, in the famous halls of London and Paris, and became the owner of prestigious national music awards.

She released 5 albums, the last one was released in 2021 and the singer called it "Isa », that's what her friends call her.  This disc is a kind of return to yourself, to your inner world.  It was the fruit of reflection during a difficult period for everyone during the pandemic and served as the basis for her months-long tour, which began in 2021 after a forced downtime.  The singer managed to create a bright musical palette.  To life in "pink" (the famous song by Edith Piaf), ZAZ added a bright green color.  She is an ardent defender of the environment and even created her own foundation.  She loves and fights for life on this Earth.  And sing about her.

ZAZ called her tour "Organique Tour".  And it really, like the songs included in it, is organic.  The audience will be able to feel the unique image of the singer, discover new facets of creativity, get closer to the mystery.  Share the joy, hear old and new songs, exchange a smile, fall under the spell of an unsolved Frenchwoman.

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Event Date / Time Venue Price  
ZAZ We 07/06/2023 20:00 COMPENSA koncertų salė, Vilnius 61.50 - 96.50
Event ZAZ
Date / Time We 07/06/2023 20:00
Venue COMPENSA koncertų salė, Vilnius
Price 61.50 - 96.50
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Event ZAZ
Date / Time We 07/06/2023 20:00
Venue COMPENSA koncertų salė, Vilnius
Price 61.50 - 96.50
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