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Muzikinis spektaklis ''Dibukas''

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Once upon a time, in the early 20th century, Simon Ans-ky (author, researcher of Jewish folklore, polemicist, cultural and political activist) wrote a play full of magic, mysticism, and symbolic meaning called “The Dybbuk”. It was beloved not only by Jews but also by audiences of other European nations. In the 1930s, “The Dybbuk” was performed by two of the best-known Jewish theatre companies, the Vilna Troupe (Vilner Trupe) and Habima.

A film based on “The Dybbuk” was made in Poland in 1937.

Eventually, in the present day, the Sala-Manca Collective (Israel) mounted a sound production combining music and actors’ voices with images from the film to create an extraordinary experience.

This silent film will be accompanied by music and sounds performed by the Kaunas Symphony Orchestra and a group of Israeli actors who will rekindle the mystical mood of the stage production based on ghost stories.

Performers: Lea Mauas, Diego Rotman, Ayelen Rotman Mauas, Adi Kaplan, Shachar Carmel

Conductor - Ido Shpitalnik

Lithuanian translation – Markas Zingeris.

This performance is highly recommended for all lovers of mysteries and secrets!

Organizer Kaunas 2022



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