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Ekskursija su alaus degustacija: „Dūmų fabrikas“

Dūmų fabrikas, Vilnius

Smoke Factory and Sakiskes brewery is inviting for a tour through historical industrial part of Naujoji Vilnia district and craft beer tasting


In the end of  September Sakiskes brewery is moving to a new place in a historical industrial district just 10km far from Vilnius old town and offering new activities - tours with an interesting history and modern craft beer tasting afterwards.


Naujoji Vilnia is very old part of Vilnius with marvellous nature and a long history starting from  probably stone ages - even mammoth was found there. Then history goes through medieval ages where one could find remains of probably the first brick castle in Lithuania.


However, the district is the most known for its industrial period. One of the most famous persons in these times was an investor from Lubeck city, Emil Possehl, whose knowledge and contacts around the Europe made the factory the biggest scythes factory in the World.


After the tour you’ll be offered 4 modern craft beer tasting from a local “Sakiskes brewery”.

“Sakiškių alus” is a Vilnius based family owned microbrewery that grew out of the idea of home brewing. We try to take you by your hand and walk you out of your comfort zone. We do not agree with beer just being a yellow fizzy stuff in a pint glass. Our beers are full of flavours and aromas. Our beers require attention. We’re always happy if you’re surprised.

No fancy names. We make beers by style and we name them by style only so you always know what’s in the bottle. We are using only high quality natural ingredients, which comes from European Union. Usually we have around 15 different styles of beer on stock. We work hard to put these amazing flavours into our beers. We see no purpose to ruin everything by filtering or pasteurising our product. All of our beers have live yeast in it.


Length of an event - 1 hour 30 minutes.


Person attending the event needs to be at least 20 years.

Registration needed at least day before event - info@dumufabrikas.lt

Event dates could be found in www.dumufabrikas.lt and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/dumufabrikas)

Group of 10 or more people could order tour with a tasting at another time (also in English or Russian languages).

Ticket is valid for 90 days from buying.


For an excitement and ecology reasons we’re offering to visit us by train (only 12 minutes  ride from Vilnius train station). You’ll only need a 800 meters walk by the pavement on Dūmų (Smoke) street. from Nauja Vilnia train station to Smoke Factory. One way train ticket - 0,6 euro. Time table could be found here.


If you go by car - better park it here.


More information: www.dumufabrikas.lt , tel. +370 698 44299, info@dumufabrikas.lt

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Ekskursija su alaus degustacija: „Dūmų fabrikas“ Th 15/07/2021 00:00 Dūmų fabrikas, Vilnius 12.00
Dūmų fabrikas
Dūmų g. 5 Vilnius Lithuania
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Beržo 4-oji g. 9, Sakiškių km.
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