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Gaujas nacionālā parka Līgatnes dabas takas

Gaujas nacionālais parks, Sigulda
2.60 - 11.44
The Ligatne Nature Trails are a well-established network of trails in the natural forest landscape of Gauja National Park where everyone can observe and get to know wild animals of Latvia in conditions almost completely identical to their natural habitat.
The Ligatne Nature Trails provide an excellent chance to observe intact landscapes and various animals living in Latvia, listen to the voices of woodland and meadows, explore the ravines and mounds of the ancient valley of River Gauja, as well as enjoy active recreation and wonderful peace.
The total distance of the hiking trails is about 4-5 km with various stages of complexity and different surfaces (soil, gravel, wooden staircases at some parts). The average time needed to walk all the trails is about 2-3 hours.
The Ligatne Nature Trails were established in 1975 in order to educate visitors about Latvian natural treasures and local species of wild plants and animals.
The first inhabitants of this territory were six red-deer, joined by two wild boars a year later. Over time, many other animals joined – all of them abandoned, injured, or tamed animal babies.
The Ligatne Nature Trails are managed by the Nature Conservation Agency.
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Gaujas nacionālā parka Līgatnes dabas takas Tu 31/01/2023 10:00 Gaujas nacionālais parks, Sigulda 2.60 - 11.44
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