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On June 20, the Bikernieki track will start also the new Baltic drift season. The strongest pilots of all classes in the Baltic - street, proam, and pro - will compete.
On June 20  Baltic Championships, as well as the stages of each country championship, will take place in Riga, not only Latvians, but also a generous group of Estonian and Lithuanian drifters will follow the road to the legendary Bikernieki track.
The competition will be with the longest drift configuration of the Biķernieki Track #longwall. The spectators from the grandstands will have a great view of everything that is happening on the track and in the paddock. The organizers are claiming that this will be the only time this year that this particular configuration will run, usually, the season ended with this configuration, this year will open, will be interesting and exciting.
There will also be a Latvian and Estonian drift cup. It is customary for Latvian drivers to exhibit attractive performance in the SemiPro class, but this time they will be joined by Estonian and Lithuanian fighters, which will make the fight twice as intense. For the Semipro class, the configuration will be a little bit different from the PRO, which will be a short version of the #longwall configuration with slightly different rating zones.
The street class will run in parallel to Semipro and Pro races, but at Speedway Stadium, this means drifting in two places at the same time. In Street competitions, spectators will be able to watch from the Participant Park or the Speedway's grandstand. The Street class has already shown itself to be a very watchable class last season, with intense battles starting with the first tandems, this year the Street class will also have a novelty, divided into two tandem sessions to find out the best.
The race will begin with a free practice day on, where drivers will be preparing for the competition. Entry with Saturday ticket in Friday practice will be free.

The fact that the races will be held in two venues at the same time, all visitors will have the opportunity to visit the paddock- this will be included in the ticket prices.

Events website: http://WWW.DRIFTLATVIA.COM

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