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Italijos teatras Balletto di Milano Baletas «CARMEN»

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Italian State Theater Balletto di Milano performing CARMEN, only on September 23 in the concert hall COMPENSA, beginning at 19.00.  
Balletto di Milano is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious theaters in Italy, performing on the world's leading stages in the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, and Germany.  In 2017, the Balletto di Milano theater troupe received the "Award for Excellence" – the Oscar in the world of Italian dance. The troupe's performances are hosted by MIBACT – the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Cultural Activities and Tourism of Italy.  
The Carmen ballet, interpreted by the Balletto di Milano, is an exclusive neoclassical version, recognized as one of the most striking theater settings. Spectators get engaged in a drama full of poignancy, intensity, and feeling of inevitability. Carmen is beautiful and extraordinary, passionate and coveted, challenging anyone who wants to conquer it.  
Ballet Carmen comprises an amazing quintessence of feelings expressed through the content of the novel by Prosper Marimet, captivates viewers with breathtaking choreography from the famous Habanera to passionate pas de deux, and involves many ensemble dances performed to the beautiful music of Georges Bizet. High creativity is also illustrated by the beautiful costumes designed by the Italian designer Federico Veratti specifically for the troupe artists of the Italian theater Balletto di Milano.
The history of the National Theater of Milan encompasses 30-year creative work and successful performances both in Italy and on the world's leading stages.  The group's list of productions is very diverse – from classics and reimagining of famous literary works to modern productions. All Balletto di Milano artists are graduates of the leading ballet schools and academies, and are certified artists at choreographic school at Teatro alla Scala.  
Since 1998, the Balletto di Milano troupe has been led by the famous choreographer Carlo Pesta, honorary member of the Order of the Italian Republic. Carlo Pesta studied dance at the Teatro alla Scala school in Milan, and one of his teachers was Maris Liepa. The troupe's list of productions is exclusive and elaborated by the world's leading choreographers specifically for the Balletto di Milano.  
Carmen ballet performance in two acts and four scenes.
Original choreography – Agnese Omodei Salè and Federico Verratti.
Directed by: Marco Pesta.  
Costumes: Federico Veratti.
Two 45-minute sections.  
Interlude: 30 minutes


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