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Daugavpils Piedzīvojumu Parks TARZĀNS

6.20 - 51.20
An adventure park "Daugavpils Tarzans" created by “Stropu” lake with six obstacle tracks, designed for active recreation for adults and children.
Children's track for the 3-6 year olds, created a transparent and accessible area, facilitating the need for parental presence or assistance.
Two green tracks are intended for adults and children from the age of six. They  are made up of obstacles up to three metress high. Two blue tracks are created with relatively easy to overcome obstacles raised up to five meters above the ground. The red track up to 10 metres high on the trees is a challenge for our visitors and contains such a funny activities like “Tarzans jump”, “flying skateboard” and 100 metres long zipline at the end. In turn the black track is created for those who are convinced of their endurance and there youļl find 14 different obstacles or high difficulty level.

Don’t miss Daugavpils Tarzans Net park - spend a great time with your family and friends, have fun and relax next to top of the trees.

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Bilietai galioja iki spalio 1 d.
Amžiaus cenzas: nuo 3 m.
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Tarzāns SIA
Stacijas iela 26a LV-2150 Sigulda
+371 27001187
Įmonės kodas: 40103911551
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Pirkti bilietą Siguldas Piedzīvojumu Parks TARZĀNS UžsienyjeUžsienyjeSiguldas Piedzīvojumu Parks TARZĀNS 8.20 - 51.20
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