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S 2018-11-11 18:00
Rīgas Kongresu nams , Rīga
Diwali Mela - Indian New Year
11th November 2018 (Sunday), Riga Congress Centre

With gods grace 2017 will be 7th consecutive year of  Indian New Year celebration in Latvia! Welcome to 11th November  Diwali Mela Riga 2018 / Indian New Year in famous Riga Congress Center (Street Kr.Valdemara 5). This year celebration will take place in particularly glamorous way with Indian/Asian/other products Sales Exhibition (selling variety of interesting products, gifts, souvenirs for everyone). Also you will have opportunity to try Exotic Indian Food  as well as wide variety of creative workshops and other activities! In the evening will be grand concert. Classical (with Fusion) Incredible Dance Show (18 best artists) & Live Music. World Best Musicians & Dancers: R. Rajyashree (Germany) , Yogeshwaran (India), Giridhar (india) & other artist from EU / other countries.

Throughout the day, during Sales Exhibition you  will be able to beautifully colour your hands with different henna designs, try out the games on tabla and other musical instruments to learn Indian dance basic steps  and much more! Girls dressed in colorful Indian sari offer masala tea and a variety of Diwali sweets. This year, with Exotic Indian food, drinks & hot beverages will delight us “Singhš” Restaurant (chain) in Latvia! For Diwali Mela 2018 they will make large variety of Indian sweets and delicious Indian food which you can try on spot and also take exotic food gifts for your relatives.  This will be a celebration for your whole family!

Sales Exhibition visiting hours from 12: 00 - 20:00 (Entrance Free for all), Seven Year Anniversary, Diwali Grand Concert (from 18.00), Ticket price (with special Diwali 7 year anniversary discount) startimg from only 2.50 EUR/person.

18:00: In the grand evening festival Concert,  music and dance enthusiasts  from Latvians/Abroad will enjoy newly created Musical and Dance project "Rasa". Project author Rajyashree Ramesh (from Germany), the outstanding Guru of Bharatnatyam dance style, explains about this project "Rasa":

"Rasa - Life Experience" is a joint project of Indian, German and EU/other countries  dancers and musicians. It goes into the very concept of the Baltic and Indian cultures on water and its multidimensional functions of life on earth. Particular emphasis is placed on the meaning of "Rasa". Our bodies are mostly made up of water  and the new dance-musical project will introduce viewers to the concept of "Rasa". Water particles change in different geometric models, just as our movements, emotions and thoughts change. "

The musical part of the project was composed by Manickam Yogeshwaran, Guru of Southwest  Karnataka, and a master of violin. He and Vidwan S V Giridhar (Mridanga-special drums), artists from EU Adam (flute), Agota (vocal, kokle). Project dancers from  Rasika Dance Theater and Natya Devi Dance Theater.

Artists united in a great show during the program, will create and present multi-colored India (which  infact is long distance away) but they will create such India right here on the stage of Riga Congress Hall.

Ticket prices starting from EUR 2.50 (with special Diwali discount) . Anyone presenting their concert tickets (from 04.11 - 04.12.18) will be entitled to  15% discount in Singhš Restaurant (Street Gertrudes 32) & 15% discount (from 04.11-18.11,18) in Thali Indian restaurant in shopping center “Mols”

Diwali is the biggest and most spectacular Hindu festivals celebrated in many countries around the world. The word Diwali means festival of light, from the word “DEEP”- Light and AVALI - Line. Traditionally, it is celebrated for five days with fun and joy. This festival, with its bright light touches and fills the hearts of everyone  with joy and for  the whole country whereever it is celebrated!

Diwali festival is also considered  as Indian New Year celebration. During these days, residents of India decorate their houses and fences, shops,  windows, offices, streets with light, candles and lamps. All are dressed in festival costumes, prepare festival meals and special sweets. When night falls, the darkness interrupts the grand fireworks display - just as we have in the New Year's Eve here.

We are looking forward  to celebrate together with you one of the biggest indian festival  in the Indian holiday calendar - the festival of light “Diwali”

Event Supporters:
  General Sponsor  Multinational  company "Himalaya", Embassy Of India   (Sweden & Latvia),  Singh’s Restaurant (chain) in Latvia, India-Latvia Economic & Cultural Forum
and  others

Event Organizers:  Tour Operator "Omkar Group",  Asian cultural exchange center "Madas".
We invite organizations, companies selling Indian/Asian/other goods to take part in this yearly sales exhibition for advertising / selling their products during this Diwali Mela 2018.

For enquires please call  29297935 (ENG/RUS), 27759979 (LV)

Photographs will be tаken/video will be recorded during the event & they might be placed on public internet sites /conveyed to general public otherwise.
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DIWALI MELA RIGA - 2018 (GADATIRGUS UN 7 GADU JUBILEJAS KONCERTS) S 2018-11-11 18:00 Rīgas Kongresu nams , Rīga
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