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Festivāls - izstāde EROTS 2019

Pn 2019-02-15 20:00 - S 2019-02-17 03:00
Ķīpsalas starptautiskais izstāžu centrs, Rīga
Let passion take over you, enjoy the surrounding sexual energy and discover adult entertainment in one of Europe's largest erotic festivals "Erots 2019" on 15 and 16 February in Ķīpsala Hall. Plan your visit now!

In the course of two naughty and passionate nights, visitors will be able to enjoy the performances of the biggest erotica stars, graceful burlesque performances from Russia, exotic and frisky shows from France, and the perfect bodies of women and men in striptease shows. On the first day of the festival, 15 February, we will warm up with the romantic mood of Valentine's Day, but on Saturday, 16 February, a sexual explosion will take place in Ķīpsala Hall.

Those seeking new thrills have been kept in mind – visitors will be able to get involved and try for themselves: spank a porn star, go wild in the dance area, meet artists close up and get autographs at the Star booth, as well as take pictures with the artists. Visitors will also be able to participate in thrilling contests and receive enticing awards.

The festival will also have a more relaxed lounge area with a romantic atmosphere, as well as a more comfortable VIP area with high visibility, alongside the main stage.

Simultaneously with continuous performances of top artists and striptease shows, the festival goers will be able to purchase erotic lingerie, a variety of toys for fun love-making, massage oils, intimate hygiene and wellness products, adult films and other seductive things.

“Erots 2019” is a festival where people can relax freely and get a deeper understanding of their sexuality, as well as enrich their private lives. The festival programme is diverse and suitable for single visitors, couples, and friend or acquaintance groups.

Entry from the age of 18! Ticket price – 13 EUR, the ticket price will increase before the event.The ticket is valid for single entrance into one of the event days.

“Erots 2019” event hours:
15 February 20:00–03:00
16 February 18:00–03:00
Follow news of the festival on the webpage, as well as and

The event will be filmed and photographed!

Purpose: to ensure publicity of the event
Data supervisor: SIA BT 1, Reg. No. 40003241394
Registered address: Ķīpsalas iela 8, Riga

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Festivāls - izstāde EROTS 2019 Pn 2019-02-15 20:00 Ķīpsalas starptautiskais izstāžu centrs, Rīga 14.72
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Tickets are apllied with Agent fee 4% per ticket!

Ticket is valid for one of the exhibition days.

Age limit to the event:
from 18 years old persons
Event language: Latvian
Free entrance to the event: no
Event length: 15.02.19 20:00-03:00
                         16.02.19 18:00-03:00
Location for the disabled in a wheelchair: no
Discounts for the disabled in a wheelchair: no

We warn that the event might be shown on TV and on the Internet, might be widely covered in the press and other media.
By attending this event, you agree on following:
- you might be photographed and filmed;
- Your image might be used during TV and online broadcast, in videos, photos, audio visual recordings and other mass media publications.

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Ķīpsalas iela 8 Rīga LV-1048 Rīgas