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Rīgas Ritmi 2019

Š 2019-07-06 19:00
18.20 - 51.20
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Rigas Ritmi festival is the most loved improvisation, jazz and world music happening in Latvia at the very beginning of July. The stages are located at different spots in Riga featuring concerts by both - world-famous and young musical talents. It is already 19th year of the festival and this time it will celebrate 100 years of jazz in Europe.
"This year Rigas Ritmi celebrates 100 years since jazz arrival in Europe because in 1919 for the first time here performed Original Dixieland Jazz Band, Sissle & Blake Duo and Southern Syncopated Orchestra from New Orleans," says artistic director of the festival Maris Briezkalns. "That was the beginning of jazz invasion in Europe. We are celebrating the century of jazz in Europe inviting great artists from New Orleans - Jon Cleary and Jamison Ross. They will not only perform but will hold master-classes as well. Everyone will be able to feel the aura which rules in the place where the jazz was born.”
The main events of the festival will take place at the Riga Congress Hall including performances by the three-continent union of musicians "Freedoms Trio", the prestigious Grammy prize holder from New Orleans Jon Cleary, amazing young talent and the winner of prestigious Thelonious Monk contest Jamison Ross, stellar powervocalist Judith Hill, French Flamenco artist Paloma Pradal and the new pride of Swedish music Jonah Nilsson. Special attention requires on 19 year old piano supertalent from China - winner of this year's international young jazz artist contest "Riga Jazz Stage" A Bu also.
There will be free festival concerts available at the open-air venues "Egle” and "Origo Summer Stage" as well as jazz club “Trompete”, but everyone can enjoy great festival concerts at "VEF Jazz Club" and "OlainFarm Jazz Nights" happening at the club "Kalku varti" in the old town also.
Welcome to jazzy, groovy Riga!

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