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Pn 2018-06-01 19:30
Siguldas pilsdrupu estrāde, Sigulda
Sunset Festival with amazing band Clean Bandit on July 5th

Sunset Festival announces its year 2018 program with performance of British electronic band Clean Bandit at Sigulda castle on July 5th.

Soon after, on July 14th, there will be held the great flashback event of 25 years of Radio SWH, featuring Army of Lovers, Jenny Berggren (of Ace of Base), Dr. Alban, Haddaway and Rozalla.

The next dates and artists will be announced in a gradual manner.

The amazing British trio Clean Bandit has a row of well-known radio hits on their account: Rockabye, Symphony, Rather Be, Real Love, Mozart's House, I Miss You, Tears, Stronger and a string more.
The band was established in 2008 in Cambridge and currently it consists of academically educated musicians - Grace Chatto, and brothers Jack and Luke Patterson. Great ability to mix electronic and pop music with the classics (Mozart, Shostakovich for instance) and amazing skill to find extraordinary voices for their songs are about the main keys to the band's success.
Starting from Jess Glynne in their first International hit Rather Be and following one - Real Love; then superhit Rockabye, where Anne-Maria and Sean Paul both contributed their voices and this summer's Symphony with Swedish pop princess Zara Larsson. Right as it was accented on the press – there is hit with every single new song! Grammy and Urban Music Awards are among the proofs that the band's achievement is praised also by professionals.
And, very important, Clean Bandit live performances are at least the same impressive as their records. That's what many their concert and festival goers enthusiastically confirm.

Sunset Festival is the series of separate concerts and events held in the picturesque Sigulda Medieval Castle for the third year already. Traditionally the performances of the International music stars are enriched by local artists, as well the art and theatrical projects.
During those years on Sigulda castle stage and in the park the following artists have given their concerts: The xx , James, Damien Rice, Jessie Ware, The Naked and Famous, Kārlis Kazāks, Neon Saturdays, ZigZag, Franco Franco, Rīgas Modes, My Radiant You, Chris Noah, Audience Killers, Bandmaster and a few more.

Considering venue’s capacity there will be only 4000 tickets on sale to each festival day.
For much more convenience and atmosphere, the traditional Pilskungu (VIP) tickets will be available – see Good to know
Just like the previous years there will be special buses available from Riga to Sigulda and back to Riga afterwards.

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JONAS BLUE / SIGALA / SUNSET FESTIVAL SIGULDA Pn 2018-06-01 19:30 Siguldas pilsdrupu estrāde, Sigulda
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Durys atidaromos: ~18:30
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Pils iela 16 Sigulda Latvija
Jūras iela 13-6 Carnikava LV2163 Carnikavas nov.
Įmonės kodas 40103193014
PVM kodas LV40103193014