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DRIFT KING OF RIGA 2020 (Pārcelts no 01.08.2020.)

Š 2020-08-15 13:00
Biķernieku kompleksā sporta bāze, Rīga
Drift Master European Drift Championship moved from 01.08.2020 to 15.08.2020.
All purchased tickets to the competition are valid, they do not require any additional steps to attend the competition.


Drift King of Riga stage is going to be held on August 1st, 2020, on the Biķernieki racetrack, where more than 40 drivers from more than 20 countries will be participating.

Drift King of Riga are one of the most popular and powerful drift event in Europe and gives an opportunity for drivers to enjoy fantastic race. On the early August, a huge event will take a place on the Biķernieku racetrack. From the large list of drivers' each, one of them deserves to be in the spotlight, considering their individual achievements.  What else makes this race noteworthy? There will be available a lot of activities and attractions whole day, also will happen Riga Car Expo, inside the event area, and in Friday evening there will be Riga Baby shakedown. With Saturday ticket, entry in Friday practice day will be free.
More information about championship, drivers, schedule, entrance fees and novelties online
The main Bikernieki grandstand A, most of the track is visible to the spectators and the big final bend of the configuration, an additional screen at 17KP, so that the whole race track can be seen. Part of the grandstand has a roof covering. There is also a children's area and a variety of activity areas near the grandstand. The seats in the grandstand are not numbered but have a limited number, guaranteed seats for each ticket holder.
The grandstands next to the main Bikernieki grandstand A. From the D-stands, spectators see the first bends of the drift configuration, including the dangerous first corner. At 17 CP there is a screen, part of the grandstand has a roof overlay. The seats in the grandstand are not numbered but have a limited number.
The PT sector includes the entrance to the Participant Park (paddock) and the entrance to the existing grandstand our platform there. Most of the tracks and screen are perfectly visible from the PT sector. Purchasing a PT ticket will give you a place on the Paddock, an opportunity to be in the paddock, and a chance to watch the drift from sector D on the other side of the track.
The VIP ticket includes entrance to the Paddock and entrance to the VIP sector, which has a specially built- VIP area and a grandstand with snacks and drinks. Most of the track is visible from the VIP sector; the VIP sector is located closest to the main #fdstyle bend of the configuration. The VIP entrance also includes a special VIP neck card.

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DRIFT KING OF RIGA 2020 (Pārcelts no 01.08.2020.) Š 2020-08-15 13:00 Biķernieku kompleksā sporta bāze, Rīga
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