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A Magic Door to the Opera

Š 2022-10-22 15:00 - Š 2022-12-03 16:45
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Miracles take place at the Opera: people, animals, robbers, princesses, fairies, and others meet on the stage every day. Every new production is a new adventure. The opera opens the door to a world where everything is possible.  

The heroes  – Tanhäuser the Bear, Aurora the Rat, Dogs Siegfried and Don Juan, Cats Odille and Figaro, Misette the Fox, the black dog McBeth and Aunt Turandot – will introduce young audiences with the backstage of the opera with the help of popular children’s songs by Arvīds Žilinskis, allowing them to take a peek at the various workshops where costumes and decorations are made, as well as some dressing rooms, ballet rehearsal room, orchestra pit, and elsewhere.  

Please join us on our musical tour through the Opera!

The language of the event is Latvian.

Renginio nuoroda: http://opera.lv


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