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Š 2020-09-12 20:00
Studio 69, Rīga
This year September 12, 2020 on the stage STUDIO 69 experimental erotic theater RUBEDO.

This evening will turn into the big art installation. An exhibition of paintings by Nurizhat Osmanovoi and the experimental erotic theater RUBEDO on stage. After the premiere, you will have a possibility to enhance your aftertaste - a special RUBEDO cocktail will be waiting for you in the bar, and each of you will have the opportunity to comunicate with artists.

Choreographer: Julianna Kobtseva (Russia).

From the first step, you will find yourself as a part of a privileged action, where’s only one rule- enjoy what you see. You have to be a brave spectator to look into the world of Rubedo: into the universe of sophisticated bliss and enlightened consciousness. We combined the techniques of contemporary and strip into one performance. We left the usual patterns of forms and found something personal for all of us.

RUBEDO (literally “redness”) is a state of extreme intensity. At the boiling point, all antagonistic substances form a new fusion, connect the unconnectable. Red color is a symbol of rubedo. It is the color of life’s potential immersed in the bowels of mind.

We will see a man who has looked inside processes of his life and faced with their own extra-moral actions. Will he be able to accept them? Will he be able to be acquainted with his sins, realizing that there is a vicious side? It is forbidden but in the same time is so attractive. Feel the heat from the energy inside, which is like a boiling vessel. It cannot withstand overload and leads to self-ignition from excessive pressure. So maybe this is the stage to the origin of a new inner self?

“In Rubedo You will see a combination of human duality - confrontations and mergers, fear and pleasure, humility and dominance. See how the unlawful can absorb a person. Rubedo conjoins the masculine and the feminine, it expresses all forms of relations between the sexes, this is the world of libido, in which one all instincts have no boundaries. What will happen if a person begins to enjoy his sins?”
Performers: Julianna Kobtseva / Veronika Vlasovskikh / Maria  Bondar / Anna Filippova / Anastasia Haldina / Nikolay Baghdasaryan

19:00 Gathering of visitors

20:00 performance RUBEDO

21:00 RUBEDO Cocktails party
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TIKS PĀRCELTS - RUBEDO Š 2020-09-12 20:00 Studio 69, Rīga
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Age limit to the event: from 16 years old persons
Event language: Latvian/Russian
Free entrance to the event: no
Doors open: at 19:00
Event length: ~3h
Location for the disabled in a wheelchair: yes

Table ticket price is for one place.

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Renginio vieta
Studio 69
Terbatas 73 Rīga Latvija
Dance theatre "SONRISA" SIA
Dance theatre "SONRISA" SIA
Rusova iela 26 - 69, LV-1026 Rīga
Įmonės kodas: 40103541389