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  • What is a ticket?
Answer: Ticket is a document that gives its holder the right to participate in the event under the conditions specified therein.
  • What is an e-ticket?
Answer: E-ticket – an electronic ticket, which can be purchased online by visiting BILIETAI.LT website. E-ticket can be purchased by credit card or through electronic banking. E-ticket is sent in PDF format to the e-mail address specified by the buyer. In order to obtain the ticket in required format, your computer must have Adobe Reader installed.
  • Is it possible to reserve a ticket online?
Answer: BILIETAI.LT does not provide the possibility to reserve tickets to events in the website www.bilietai.lt.
  • Is it possible to purchase tickets with credit card?
Answer: It is possible to pay by credit card when purchasing tickets online.
  • What are the ways to obtain tickets when paying for tickets by credit card in the website www.bilietai.lt?
Answer: Ways of obtaining tickets: e-ticket (unless provided otherwise) or sent by registered mail (only in Lithuania, service fee of 10.00 EUR per delivery).
  • When can you receive tickets after purchasing them online and paying by credit card?
Answer: When you select the delivery method "Withdrawal at ticket office", for security reasons tickets are generated after 72 hours (if not provided otherwise). Upon ticket withdrawal at the ticket office, it is necessary to have an identity card and the credit card, which was used to purchase tickets. Tickets may be collected only by the person, in whose name the credit card was issued. It is possible to purchase tickets online and pay by credit card no less than three days before the event.
  • Is it possible to choose seats?
Answer: When purchasing tickets online there are several seat selection methods: either the system selects the best seats itself or the buyer chooses the desired seats. In the latter case, you should select "Seat selection" option and choose seats under the desired price category. It is also possible to choose seats at the ticket office. In the event, if specified by organizers, when the best seats are chosen by the system, the buyer cannot choose the desired seats.
  • Is it possible to pay by credit card at the BILIETAI.LT ticket offices?
Answer: Most of the BILIETAI.LT ticket offices accept various types of cards.
  • It is possible for a viewer, whose name and surname are not specified on the e-ticket, to get into the event?
Answer: If the e-ticket was purchased by a person whose name and surname are specified on the e-ticket, and that person cannot get to the event or the ticket was given as a gift, other viewer will surely be able to use that ticket because only ticket ID and barcode are verified, not a person's identity.
  • What fees apply in the BILIETAI.LT system?
Answer: The following fees apply:
  1. The service fee is usually up to 2.5 euros per ticket*
  2. E-ticket delivery fee of 0.39 EUR per ticket**
  3. Sales point fee of 0.49 EUR per ticket***
  4. Ticket delivery by registered mail (only in Lithuania, service fee of 4.9 EUR for delivery)
  5. Ticket reservation and pro forma invoice formation fee of 1 EUR/ticket
  6. VIP customer service fee of 1 EUR/ticket
  7. Third-party fees, if any, indicated in the booking information
*Service fee
A service charge is a service provider's creation, maintenance and troubleshooting of a managed information system

** E-ticket delivery fee

Fee is not applicable when purchasing Gift vouchers, Discount Coupons and Checks. The fee does not apply to tickets for the events of those organizers with which "Bilietai.lt" cooperates after winning a public tender. The fee is applicable when purchasing tickets online.

*** Sales point Fee
Feeis not applicable when purchasing Gift vouchers, Discount Coupons and Checks. The fee is applicable to tickets at the sales points. Exceptions are here.
  • How to receive an invoice for the purchased tickets?
Answer: Invoice can be issued by UAB "Nacionalinis bilietų platintojas" under the organizer's authorization. If the organizer does not authorize UAB "Nacionalinis bilietų platintojas" to issue invoices, you should contact organizers directly. The following must be submitted for issue of the invoice: company details and ticket ID. More information can be found here.
  • Is it possible to return tickets?
Answer: Tickets are not exchangeable and refundable.
Tickets can be refunded only if the event was canceled or its date was changed. Tickets are refunded after filling a refund application. Application form is available here.
In order to get a refund for the tickets, all you have to do is to fill out the application, sign it, and send it to e-mail info@bilietai.lt or by mail: UAB "Nacionalinis bilietų platintojas", Boksto str. 10-12, LT-01126 Vilnius (unless otherwise specified by the event organizer). Upon receipt of the application the money will be transferred to the specified account.
  • Where are the BILIETAI.LT ticket offices located?
Answer: You can find BILIETAI.LT ticket office list here.
  • Is it possible to buy tickets at a discount?
Answer: As UAB "Nacionalinis bilietų platintojas" acts as an intermediary, it does not apply discounts arbitrary. Discounts are applied only according to the event organizer's instructions. You can get more information about discounts in the event description.
If you want to contacs us please use following form, send us a message by e-mail info@bilietai.lt or give us a call:
  • Phone no. +370 673 25153 – information for ticket buyers
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