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The insurer is If P&C insurance AS, the policyholder is AS Piletilevi and the beneficiary is the ticket holder.

What is ticket insurance?
When purchasing a ticket from Bilietai.lt, you can add ticket insurance. The insurance will pay for the ticket if you are unable to attend the event for the reasons stated in the insurance conditions. Ticket insurance can be added to the online purchase for all tickets in Estonia www.piletilevi.ee, Latvia www.bilesuserviss.lv and Lithuania www.bilietai.lt.

Who is insured?
The ticket holder is insured. If the ticket is transferred to another person, the ticket insurance together with the ticket is automatically transferred to the new ticket holder.

What does ticket insurance insure?
Ticket insurance compensates the ticket if the ticket holder cannot participate in the event because:
          •    they or their child under the age of 10 is ill
•    their car, taxi, bus, train, etc. got into a traffic accident on the way to the event
•    they or a member of their family has suffered a sudden injury or has died
•    their home in Lithuania has suffered damaged in an amount of more than 2,000 euros in the 24 hours before the event
due to fire, explosion, storm, hail, flood, pipeline leak, theft, robbery, or the activities of third parties
Ticket insurance pays for the unused ticket in the amount indicated on the ticket. In the case of a season card or series ticket, the cost of the unused ticket is calculated by dividing the total cost by the number of events.

What does ticket insurance not insure?
Ticket insurance does not compensate if:
•    the ticket has been used to participate in the event
•    the ticket holder does not make it to the event due to a traffic jam (unless their vehicle was involved in a traffic accident, causing a traffic jam)
•    the organiser of the event or someone else refunded the cost of the ticket
•    the event was cancelled or postponed
•    the ticket was cancelled due to restrictions or prohibitions applied to the event

In the event of cancellation/rescheduling of an event, the event organiser is responsible for replacing or refunding the ticket for the cancelled/rescheduled event.

How to apply for compensation?
Fill in the ticket insurance claim no later than 30 days after the event you were unable to a attend
Add to the claim:
          •    the insured ticket
          •    a medical certificate in case of health problems or a death certificate
          •    police evidence or a photograph of what happened in the event of a traffic accident or a home incidence
•    If transfers the compensation to your bank account

Read the insurance terms and conditions and if you should have any questions contact us by phone +370 5 210 8800 or by e-mail info@if.lt
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