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New ticket format – SmartTicket

M-Ticket, which has made our customers’ experience with tickets better, has got itself a little brother – SmartTicket!

We have made carrying tickets even easier by introducing a new version of tickets called SmartTicket, which can be used in the same way as airline tickets on smart devices. You only need an application that supports SmartTicket format. The Wallet application is automatically included in Apple devices. For Android users, we recommend Pass2U application. SmartTicket is sent to internet store customers along with SmartTicket.

Thanks to SmartTicket, finding and opening tickets will become easier and faster. SmartTicket lets you easily share tickets with your friends and family. Additionally, a reminder will be sent to your smart device a few hours before, informing that your event is about to begin.

It is also easier to control SmartTicket since smartphone application automatically change the brightness of the screen and Bilietai.lt scanners and control application check SmartTicket without any issues. Therefore, you only need a full battery to use SmartTicket! 

"Smart ticketing:
- On Apple devices (iPhone, iPad), use the Wallet app on all iOS devices.
- On Android devices, use the Pass 2U app, which can be downloaded here.
- You can save your smart cards in the Wallet app on your smartphone. That way you'll always have your tickets with you.
Open the email on your smartphone, open the Pocket ticket (.pkpass) and save it in the Wallet app.
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