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Festival Rock Summer 25

Festival Rock Summer 25, held on June 15 and 16 on the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds aims to celebrate in lively sprits one of the monumental events of the hot and very special summer of 1988 - Rock Summer - Glasnost Rock 88.

The bash that brought many popular foreign artists of the time to Tallinn gave the youth behind the "Iron Curtain" for the first time the chance to feel as part of the world. For musicians it offered a face to face contact with the audience thirsty for rock, who - to artists' biggest surprise - not only knew their songs by heart, but sang them along!

"Although it is impossible to restore all that now, quarter of a century later, and that is not our aim, we would still wish to create that undescribable feeling as much as possible. For former fans to live it through again and younger ones, who have only heard about it from stories told by their parents, to have an opportunity to feel it for themselves for the first time in their lives," explains the promoter Jüri Makarov the idea of Rock Summer 25. "The best way to describe this succession of generations is probably the fact that the master of ceremony of this year's festival, Ivo Linna, will share this position with his son Robert, who at the time of the first festival was just a five-year old kid, but now is with his band Elephants From Neptume on his way to the premier league of Estonian rock.

The festival will be held two days on three stages. There is something to cater to the needs of music lovers of all tastes and ages and there will also be a nostalgic nod to the times 25 years back. The artist, who already in 1988 dared to shout out openly "Freedom to Estonia!" - Sakari Kuosmanen from Finland will make his appearance with his fellow-musicians at this year's festival as well. The ever colorful John Lydon & Public Image Ltd. will refresh their friendship with the Song Festival Grounds also. From Estonian artists Ivo Linna & In Spe have decided this time to share the stage with choir singers.

"As negotiations with many artists are under way, the line-up of the festival is not complete yet, but we can confirm 15 names this far," Makarov says and promises that the list will definitely be twice as long comprising 30-35 artists.

In addition to the names already mentioned the confirmed artists are as follows: Duff McKagan & Walking Papers(USA), Sharon Corr (Ireland), Mumiy Troll (Russia), Aura Dione (Denmark), Skindred (UK), Zucchero (Italy) andBryan Adams (Canada). Estonian music is so far represented by Sinine, Marya Roxx, Dramamama and Metsatöll. In addition to the two open air stages, the EDM (electronic dance music) tent will contribute to the festival mode with DJs such as DJ Andy C (UK) and others.

8 new artists in the line-up
22 Mar 2013
The new names are: Blues rock guitarprodigy OLI BROWN who has released three albums and won a number of British Blues Awards already. Hard rock band from USA BUCKCHERRY whose singer Josh Todd has been ranked in the Top 100 Heavy Metal Vocalists by Hit Parader. DJ CASPA and DJ ED RUSH from London will be performing on EDM-stage. From Itay comes THE WATCH whose music is inspired by progressive rock of the 70s and especially Genesis. From Estonia the new names are TOOMAS VANEM with his band THE LIMITED EDITION, PANTOKRAATOR who plays aboriginal progressive rock as well as a multitask-man VAIKO EPLIK. We ask you to have a little patience and in a while there will be more about them to read and to watch here, on our webpage.

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