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LMFAO Redfoo & Party Rock Crew

In December 2th, within the popular music and culture festival "Pestivals" winter session, one of the top bands in the world LMFAO (USA) will perform at Arena “Riga”, Latvia.

LMFAO has been nominated for such prestigious awards as Grammy, MTV, and Billboard in 35 categories during last 2 years, and won approximately half of them. They are authors of the world music hits - „Party Rock Anthem”, „Sexy and I Know It”, „Champagne Showers”, „Sorry For Party Rocking” and others, also - popularized dance style shuffle, which took every dance club in the world like a virus last summer. This year, after touring the world in their only world tour “Sorry For Party Rocking”, only two months after announcing hiatus of the duet, LMFAO leader Redfoo with band „Party Rock Crew” will perform at Arena “Riga”, Latvia.

LMFAO show with the participation of one of the best dance groups in the USA, a spectacular video projections and pyrotechnics, is presented by popular music and culture festival "Pestivals" and agency "magicFIB" in cooperation with the organizers in Estonia and Russia. Only few thousand people will have possibility to attend this event. Entrance in the event location will start at 6 PM. Show begins with a local group and a DJ performance, to be announced soon. Tickets for the show are available in “Ticket Service” network priced LVL 16 to 27 (available options – standing area, “Party Rockers” fans zone or seating).
Promoters ask to come to “Party Rockers” fans zone dressed like real party rocker. With bracelet from festival „Pestivals” entrance in „Party Rockers” fan zone guaranteed with any zone ticket.