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Manic Street Preachers and Damien Rice have been added to headliners listing Positivus Festival 2012

Rock music icon Manic Street Preachers will return to Positivus Festival as the headliners or the main TELE 2 stage on Saturday. Manics have released the ultimate single collection in the end of last year to celebrate the 21st anniversary of their first single release. 

Charming Irish folk-music troubadour Damien Rice will give his first ever concert in the Baltics and his live performance has been much awaited in Positivus Festival. With his debut album “0” in 2002 Damien Rice started a new style in songwriting. His sensible feeling of sound has touched many listener’s hearts. His album “O” has been sold in 2,5 million copies and its hit “The Blower’s Daughter” made it to TOP 10 in England. His second album “9” was released in 2006.  

British indie rock-group Wild Beasts are 4 piece band from Kendal, United Kingdom now based in London, UK. Their second album, “Two Dancers”, was released in 2009 to widespread critical acclaim. It was ranked at #41 on NME's top 100 albums of the decade. Their latest album “Smother” has been described as idiosyncratic and swoon some.

Housse de Racket are a two-piece dance-rock band from France. A guitarist (Pierre Leroux) and a drummer (Victor LeMasne) make a glorious noise together. Their songs, particularly singles “Chateau” and “Oh Yeah” are catchy and easy to sing along with and easy to dance to. They both have have been studio musicians for for Air and Pheonix. 

Positivus Festival is the largest greenfield music and arts festival in the Baltics, located in the stunning and beautiful seaside town and delivers an excellent selection of musical genres and a superb, friendly and inspiring vibe. It is a great and affordable alternative festival for those who are tired of massive crowds and want to enjoy great music and a lively atmosphere from a hammock between pine trees or on the sandy beaches of Salacgrīva. This summer, the British “Metro” included Positivus Festival in its ‘Best Summer Festival’ selection, while British „Festival Guide” named festival as the ‘Best European Festival’.