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The American super group Nine Inch Nails have selected Riga for a week long rehearsal in preparation for their European tour. After a six year break, the band will kick off their first European performance at “Arēnā Rīga” on May 6th. The NIN shows have become one of the most impressive, leading-edge and technologically complex contemporary concert shows.

“My goal is to make it almost like a film, that not only musically, but visually evolves in to something, that keeps your attention, frames the music in a way that makes it feel like a journey from one place to another,” elaborates the Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor. A more detailed interview with Reznor and the long-time NIN keyboardist Alessandro Cortini can be found here and the full NIN 2013 Tension tour live recording from LA can be found here. 

Nine Inch Nails will visit Latvia with one of the most impressive live shows on the planet, set in a hyper-modern technocratic style. With the light and visual effects activated by the band’s movements, the stage practically transforms into a metaphysical visual component of the band and their music. The show was co-created by the NIN stage designer Roy Bennett as well as the Canadian show producers Moment Factory, who have also created shows for Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, Bon Jovi, Madonna and others. Bennett and Moment Factory collaborated for months in order to construct interactive stage equipment that would enable the band to control the visual aspects of their performance. As a result, Moment Factory has created a stage arrangement where the stage becomes an instrument in itself, reacting to the band member’s locations and movements.

The concert organizer Ģirts Majors: “The band will spend their time rehearsing in “Arēnā Rīga” in order to create the stage show. More than 40 band members will be residing in Riga for the period, with additional employees hired for stage construction and maintenance. We have been informed that the rehearsals might even last up to 24 hours, with the two part making-of their concert tour being a clear testament to Reznor’s innovative ideas and their impressive executions. It is a great challenge for us - to devote sufficient time and help for all the necessary rehearsal preparations, which will be of an unparalleled regional scope.”

The making of NIN 2013 concert tour Tension: