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DevOps Days Vilnius 2024

Tu 10/09/2024 13:00 - Th 12/09/2024 18:00
40.00 - 90.00
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DevOpsDays is the only multi-city conference that is a safe space where you can share your knowledge and honest experiences: It’s non-profit, Organizers come together from different employers, It’s entirely volunteer-led. Since the first event in Ghent, Belgium, in 2009, the DevOpsDays series has grown exponentially.
DevOpsDays Vilnius event will include insightful speakers who will cover topics addressing and raising questions about daily challenges, sharing the vision of industry evolution, and discussing ups and downs from their vast experience point of view. The engaging ignite sessions will keep your curiosity at the highest level. Each ignite speaker will share short stories of their success or failures in just 5 minutes, igniting your own quest for answers. Open Spaces give attendees the opportunity to talk about anything they’d like. A person might suggest a topic they want to learn about, or one they feel like they can help others with. The topics range widely, from highly technical, to pure culture, to board games for networking.
This year we are also hosting an exciting workshop for a limited amount of seats!
The topics covered during this conference will come from different areas but will all be related to DevOps culture and ideology. Experienced speakers will cover areas such as: IT Security, Developer experience, Networking, Infrastructure as Code, Kubernetes, Testing, AI, DevOps culture and more
More information about event and speakers: https://devopsdays.org/vilnius


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