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Ansamblių vakaras ''Gyvybės medis''

We 03/07/2024 22:00
Kalnų parkas, Vilnius

Ensembles Evening “The Tree of Life”

The Ensembles Evening stands out in the program of the Song Celebration with its authentic threefold composition. It is made up of three elements: a choir singing Lithuanian folk songs and pieces written by composers specifically for this concert, a folk instrument orchestra and a stylised folk dance group. The Ensembles Evening “The Tree of Life” is undoubtedly one if the most significant events of the anniversary Lithuanian Song Celebration of 2024.

The creators and performers of the Ensembles Evening interpret the tree of life as a concept of the world. In the program, the four divine elements will meet: the fire, the air, the water, and the earth, and they will all raise the nation’s tree of life.

New compositions of folk songs, written especially for the occasion of the Song Celebration, will both have a contemporary sound and will maintain their authenticity; choral singing will intertwine with folklore, and new pieces of stylised folk music groups and folk instrument orchestras will be in the spotlight with a distinguished sound.

The life-creating interaction of the natural elements will too reflect in the choreography of the Ensembles Evening: traditional dances will uncover in harmony with stylised folk and modern numbers. By both complementing and being in contrast to each other, they will make up an unforgettable spectacle, which will also be complemented by special costumes, the latest video and light technologies, as well as scenography.

More than 4,000 singers, musicians and dancers will perform the theatrical program of the Ensembles Evening. The audience will hear both well-known and beloved pieces and 20 new compositions, written for this program specifically.

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Event Date / Time Venue  
Ansamblių vakaras ''Gyvybės medis'' We 03/07/2024 22:00 Kalnų parkas, Vilnius
Event Ansamblių vakaras ''Gyvybės medis''
Date / Time We 03/07/2024 22:00
Venue Kalnų parkas, Vilnius
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Renginio trukmė  2.30 val.
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Kalnų parkas
Kalnų parkas, T. Kosciuškos g., Vilnius Vilnius Lithuania
Lietuvos nacionalinis kultūros centras
B. Radvilaitės g. 8 Vilnius
lnkc@lnkc.lt/ 8 5 2611190
Reg. no: 190758519
Event Ansamblių vakaras ''Gyvybės medis''
Date / Time We 03/07/2024 22:00
Venue Kalnų parkas, Vilnius
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