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Tu 14/05/2024 20:00
Twinsbet Arena, Vilnius
35.50 - 93.00
"Starfall" in Vilnius:  AQUA, 2 Unlimited & Jenny Berggren from "Ace of Base"
Vilnius will host a unique event for lovers of incendiary melodies, to which the whole world continues to dance - Eurodance Party. On 14 May, as part of the hottest party of the year, the mega-popular band "Aqua" will present hit "Barbie Girl", which continues to break popularity records. The music marathon will also feature the megastars of the 90s - the band "2 Unlimited", Jenny Berggren from "Ace of Base".
Lithuania will have the hottest disco of the year with the megastars of the 90s. On May 14, “Avia Solutions Group Arena” in Vilnius will become the center of world hits, which continue to reign on the dance floors of the whole world to this day.  The most incendiary event of the year – Eurodance Party – is waiting for us.  The main event of the evening will be the first performance in Latvia of the Danish pop group Aqua ("Barbie Girl", "Turn Back Time", "Doctor Jones"). The baton will be taken by the band "2Unlimited" ("No Limit", "Get Ready for This", "Tribal Dance"), you will hear the unforgettable hits "of Ace of Base" from the former lead singer of the band Jenny Berggren.
"Aqua": a hymn to the Barbie doll, and more...
If there was a contest for the most affectionate song of all time, the composition of the Danish pop group "Aqua" "Barbie Girl" would definitely top the top ten!  The band's debut album “Aquarium” was released in 1997. The compilation included the song "Roses are Red", which became a hit and was even nominated for a Grammy. The second song "My Oh My" was at the top of the music charts. And the song for which the whole world knows them -- Barbie Girl -- came out next and topped the charts of half of the European countries.
The legendary song about Barbie, who lives in a delightful plastic world, has become a real dance classic.  "Barbie Girl", with the legendary words "I'm a Barbie Girl, in the Barbie World", hit the nail on the head: no one had ever so sharply ridiculed the doll's worldview, which turned out to have so much in common with the life positions of some girls.  At the beginning of 2022, the music video for "Barbie Girl" had over one billion views on YouTube and remains one of the most popular songs on Instagram to this day.
The band's second albumAquarius was released in February 2000, because this is the month in which people are born under this zodiac sign. The compilation is stylistically diverse than the debute album, in which, along with bubble-gum-pop, compositions in the genre of Europop and country appear. Aquarius' most popular song is "Cartoon Heroes."
The third  compilation, "Megalomania", released in 2011, includes old hits and new songs such as "My Mamma Said", "Live Fast", "Die", "Young" and "Back to the 80's".
The band has sold 38 million albums, 7 million singles and rightfully occupies the Olympus of world dance music.
"Aqua" continues not only active touring, but also pleases millions of fans with new songs and compositions. The band is currently nominated for three Grammy Awards for their collaboration with Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice and continues to conquer the world with their energetic and mesmerizing performances!
"2 Unlimited": energy without limit!
The Dutch band "2 Unlimited" was able to achieve worldwide fame in just 5 years of their work. They were at the top of the charts and were one of the popular artists of the 90s. This duo was able to win the hearts of millions of fans around the world. And all thanks to their unusual musical mixture of techno and disco, listening to which made you want to dance and sing along.
"2 Unlimited" managed to make a name for itself from the very beginning. Therefore, the first two albums brought them real recognition. The first "Get Ready", released in 1992, helped to make a name for itself. The second, "No Limits!", 1993, cemented their popularity. Most experts believe that this album is the most significant among all the others. It broke all sales records. And the song "No Limit" still does not leave the airwaves of radio stations and disco halls. Then the performers delighted their fans with two more albums.  The band's 16 hits (including "Get Ready for This", "Twilight Zone", "No Limit", "Tribal Dance" and "Let the Beat Control Your Body") charted internationally, and the band's total CD circulation exceeded 18 million. Millions of fans of the band from all over the world are looking forward to meeting "2Unlimited" and their unique energy!

"Ace of Base": "Swedish gold" is always in price
Ace of Base is an all-star Swedish pop quartet formed in the early 90s. They reached great heights in the music industry: their debut Happy Nation went platinum 9 times in the States! It was also voted the best-selling for 1994... One of the most promising debuts in history! It was from this album that the timeless "All That She Wants", "The Sign" and "Don't Turn Around" were released.
The band continued to delight fans with hit tracks throughout the decade, and at the beginning of the new century, the circulation of sold records approached the mark of 30 million copies! This made Ace of Base the third commercially successful Swedish music project (after ABBA and Roxette).
Since 1995, Jenny Berggren has been engaged in solo creative activities. In 2010, her debut album "My Story" was released, but Jenny continues to delight fans from all over the world with the work from the golden fund "Ace of Base".
On May 14, at the Eurodance Party, “Avia Solutions Group Arena” will host a real "starfall" of mega-popular bands, whose creativity and energy turn on millions of viewers around the world! Special audio/lighting equipment and special effects will help you get a charge of positive energy, experience the atmosphere of a real holiday and turn you into the king or queen of the dance! floor for this evening! 
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EURODANCE PARTY: AQUA, 2 UNLIMITED, JENNY FROM ACE OF BASE KONCERTAS Tu 14/05/2024 20:00 Twinsbet Arena, Vilnius 35.50 - 93.00
Date / Time Tu 14/05/2024 20:00
Venue Twinsbet Arena, Vilnius
Price 35.50 - 93.00
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Twinsbet Arena
Ozo g. 14 Vilnius Lithuania
Vecdumbraju 3 Upesciems LV-2137 Garkalnes pagasts
+370 620 79852, labrador@inbox.lt
Reg. no: 50203502661
VAT LV50203502661
Date / Time Tu 14/05/2024 20:00
Venue Twinsbet Arena, Vilnius
Price 35.50 - 93.00
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