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Festivalis ''Jauna muzika''

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Launched in 1992, Jauna Muzika is one of Lithuania’s oldest arts festivals the concept of which has changed considerably over time. Nowadays the event is aimed at artists working with sound and music as a form of experimental creativity. 
The theme of this year’s festival is Genesis. The festival will explore the notions of creation, creativity, and the creative process as a whole, emphasizing that creativity transcends the established norms and rigid knowledge. The creative process emerges through experiments and interaction with the world and is intertwined with the context. The outcome of the process may reflect, contemplate, predict, and make sense of everything an artist encounters.
The festival will encompass and reflect the entire creative alley, from inspiration and prediction to the process, interconnectedness, and transformation.
The festival will take place from April 24 to 28, offering listeners 14 concerts featuring performers from 8 countries.

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