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AAT|Artūro Areimos teatro spektaklis ''FAUST IS DEAD''

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Performance “Faust is dead”

according to Mark Ravenghill

Director, scenographer : Artūras Areima
Director's assistant : Inga Sanakojevaitė
Actors : Monika Poderytė, Modesta Jakeliūnaitė
Costume designer : Artūras Areima
Video operators : Kornelijus Jaroševičius, Dinas Marcinkevičius
Light operator : Paulius Jakubėnas
Music composer : Kajus Sabaliauskas

Play translation from English by Andrius Jevsejevas
Supported by Lithuania Council for Culture

Faust Is Dead is Mark Ravenhill's second play on human existence; it is a dark, shocking, but also funny, meditative work that combines the philosophy of Michel Foucault with the archetype of the hero of Faust. The main character of the play is a popular philosopher; In the entertainment show, he announces the end of humanity and history, is publicly condemned for this statement, and finally decides to live "simpler": traveling with America with the son of a young, influential businessman, living an intense hedonistic life, questioning his vanity and meaning. What does human progress mean to us today? Does the modern person still dream of a “better” world, or do banner ads dream of it?

According to F. Fukuyama, man has lost the will to compete and is lost in an apathetic existence in which the progress of humanity is more a mechanical idea served by the system than the starting point of the system itself. We are witnesses and participants in the end of the selfish process of human development, divided and hostile to each other, bringing ourselves to the point of constant threat to our own existence. It is the lethargy that engulfs man that is also mentioned in M. Ravenhill's play: “Man is dead, you know. And progress. Progress as well. And humanity. Yes, humanity is dead. "

Artūras Areima: "The meaning in today's world is most pronounced next to violence and extremism, so a more sensitive person, feeling unnecessary, tends to provoke himself and others, raise relevant, sharp ideological questions more aggressively, but often to enjoy life - joy and positivity are the most sought-after commodities in today's capitulating world. "

Bright flashing light effects are used during the performance.

More information: www.areimosteatras.lt


Events website: https://www.areimosteatras.lt/faust-is-dead


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