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ŠEŠĖLIŲ TEATRAS TEULIS Legendinis šou ''Tavo šešėlis''

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The legendary show Your Shadow


TEULIS shadow theatre has conquered and surprised many world capitals. The original combination of high-class acrobatics, optical illusions, superb sound and stunning video projections leaves a unique and incomparable impression. TEULIS is the most unusual and sought-after theatre in Europe today


The art of shadow theater is several thousand years old, but in the last decade the genre has experienced a renaissance and an unprecedented renewal. The shadow theater is surprisingly simple in its idea and capable of performing miracles of reincarnation. As soon as the actor enters the translucent screen, animation immediately begins for the audience: dark figures grow from one another, transform, change in size...


TEULIS Shadow Theatre proves that all fantasies can be brought to life through the shadows of the human body. You'll be immersed in a mesmerising show and breathtaking choreography that will easily captivate your heart...


Over the past four years, TEULIS shadow theatre has been a finalist in major talent competitions in Italy, Turkey, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It has toured to Finland, Sweden, Poland and the Czech Republic, and in Japan 35,000 spectators gave the performers a standing ovation


Отрывок  / "New York"  - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSvDuNEJlkk


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